250 Sanders Morrow Rd.
Mount Ulla, North Carolina 28125

After searching for the perfect boarding and daycare for my Huskies to attend while we were out of town for 4 days and never boarded them before, we called and talked to Pam, and went to visit the daycare and we were very impressed so we decided to board our babies there. We called every day to find out how they were doing and each time we were told they were doing great, and they were having no problems with them or with them playing and getting along with the other fur babies there. Now keep in mind one of our Huskys only has 3 legs, she was born this way, but you would never know it unless you saw the leg missing. Well long story short, we picked them up this morning and I will have to say they were Happy to see us but also Happy in General and that means to me they were well taken care of. They didn't keep them pinned in a kennel the whole time, they were allowed to go outside in the dog runs, and they were able to play in a large playroom with other dogs. This place is over and beyond the most awesome place I have ever seen for a dog, I highly recommend Doggone Fun Daycare and Boarding. Needless to say the Huskies are at home, Happy, Healthy and now resting and sleeping from such a fun filled weekend. I am very particular with my fur babies, but I will say I will definitely be taking my babies back if not for boarding but to the daycare to play with the other fur babies. I recommend them highly for anyone that is looking for someone to take care of their babies for them and not have to worry about them!!!!

Lynne and David H.
Our Rex and Maci stay at the daycare when we’re out of town or sometimes for a day. Just recently I’ve been taking them over for baths and their nails being clipped. Owner, Pam Morrow is great she has the best staff ever!!! Pam recently built and opened her new kennel (on the same property and I’ve got to say this new building is awesome!!! Pam decorated it so nice. Very, very homey. There is a large playroom where little dogs play and then it’s the big dogs turn. Pam’s employees are pros and their love of the dogs are evident!! One of mine wiggle waggles her way into the building while squealing the whole way and then she flops down in front of who ever is working so she can get a big ‘ol belly rub 💗 My other one is excited too and he’s being checking out all of the new scents 😃 The kennels area is great. Everything is absolutely spotless — just like it’s always been. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND Doggone Fun Daycare and Boarding! Make sure that you call well in advance because spaces fill up quickly!!

Lori S.
When you make the final turn to the Doggone Fun building and both your dogs start wagging their tails and you open the car door and they run to the front door, you know you found the right place!!

Tina R.
Cooper LOVES staying with Pam! He is one tired pup when he comes home.

Leslie C.
Nitro ALWAYS has a blast at Doggone fun! It's the only place i trust with my furbaby! He is always happy to see the workers and having fun with friends we we return to pick him up safe and happy!

Aubrey D.
I have taken my four legged children to Doggone Fun Daycare & Boarding for 8 years. Pam Morrow is extremely knowledgeable, professional, honest & trustworthy. She loves her dogs!!! Her staff is competent, caring, & provide total care to our pets while we are away. I highly recommend them , the drive is worth it.

Lexia F.
My dogs love staying here! Each time we arrive they are so excited. When we pick them up they are happy, healthy, clean & have been well taken care of. The staff are all very friendly & really enjoy their jobs. My dogs are happy & that makes me happy. :)

Jeni B
I have to write you a note to let you know what a great job you are doing. When I picked up Sophie and Bella yesterday, they didn't stink, they weren't dirty and they don't have any unexplained rashes or bug bites. When they get in the car, they are not maniacs (from being ignored) and they are obviously tired from playing vs. being cooped up in a crate all day. I am comfortable that you are taking care of my doggies and they are happy. Thank you so much for caring enough. 

  Diane B.
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